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Join thousands committed to supporting the well-being, equity, and trauma-informed care of our healthcare professionals who serve our communities with integrity and skill every day.

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Since Mindful’s founding in 2011, we’ve helped more than 2 million people a month find the tools they need to thrive, align with their purpose, and navigate difficulty with a sense of ease and confidence.

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As the global leader in science-backed mindfulness resources, we’ve rallied our community to create the most transformative, impactful, and inclusive online events available to the healthcare community. 

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We work with the world’s leading trauma-informed experts in organizational health, well-being, leadership, and mindfulness, along with innovative researchers, neuroscientists, teachers, and coaches. 

Healing Healthcare


FEBRUARY 8-10, 2022

Join us in February 2022 for a global mindfulness summit on healing healthcare.

Together we will share our stories, celebrate what’s working, and envision a path forward that brings humanity back to healthcare. Featuring conversations, meditations, and teachings with 30+ experts in this free online event.


Bringing Humanity to Healthcare

Mindfulness and healthcare are synergistic. When we imbue our healthcare systems with mindfulness, we can shift the way we view each other, the way we design our systems, the way we make decisions. Here’s how Mindful is working to bring humanity back to healthcare.

The Healing Healthcare Summit: Galvanizing the healthcare community at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has created tremendous strain.

The Healing Healthcare Pledge: Supporting self-actualized health care at the organizational and personal level.

The Healing Healthcare Community: Creating a community of care where people find the support they need to lift up new ideas and build new, healthy habits.

The Healing Healthcare Future: Championing new skill sets in order to harness the power of disruptive technologies and reclaim the humanity of healthcare.

Join a community of people rethinking how we approach well-being, equity, and trauma in healthcare.

Meet Our Co-Chairs

Stephen Klasko​


Dr. Stephen Klasko is a transformative leader and advocate for a revolution in our systems of healthcare and higher education. In 2020, he published UnHealthcare: A Manifesto for Health Assurance in which he and Silicon Valley’s Hemant Taneja describe a new future for healthcare focused on keeping people well.

“Looking at the whole of the design of the human experience is what’s going to be needed if we’re going to improve lives.”

Rebekah Gee


Dr. Rebekah Gee is an innovative change agent, a leader in patient safety and quality, a physician, and public health policy expert. She’s the CEO of Health Care Services for Louisiana State University and served as the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health from 2016 to 2020.

“Crisis brings out two kinds of people: people who are paralyzed by it and people who are energized and want to see new worlds being built.”

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